Theodore Kyriakou


“We’re so thrilled about this exciting and independent Festival, devoted to unearthing so much brilliance from my native country. Our passion has always been to champion, promote and dispense the very best Greek food and wine. This philiosophy is integral to the values at our restaurant bar & delicatessen. So naturally our Festival and joyful celebration originates from the same approach and we hope to bring you a captivating weekend.”

A Message from our Ambassador Olly Smith


Festival Ambassador

Olly is a multi-award winning wine expert, TV personality, author and columnist. His finely tuned taste buds, boundless knowledge and infectious enthusiasm know no bounds. He has written four books Drinking for Chaps, Behind Enemy Wines, Wine: Both Barrels and Eat & Drink:Good Food That's Great to Drink with. He is also a columnist for the Mail on Sunday's Event Magazine and regularly appears as wine expert on Saturday Kitchen as well as his own wine show for the Food Network and Travel Channel. Greek wine is a passion of Olly's and we're delighted to have him on board.

"I've visited a different corner of Greece every year for the past two decades exploring its wild natural landscape. I love Greek cooking for its emphasis on seasonal fresh produce and I adore Greek wine - an unfolding story that surprises, tantalises and lures me back time and again.

Join me at this year's Greek Wine Festival on 8th and 9th October and taste your way around the glory of Greece. With the best producers, top food and a warm hearty welcome, come and explore the depth of Greek wine with its unique local grapes, dedicated wine growers, diverse vineyard sites and enthralling creativity springing from several thousand years of viticulture. These fabulous flavours are part of an unfolding story that surprises, tantalises and reveals a whole cast of characters. With a tale behind every bottle and a style to suit every palate, raise your glass to discovering the greatest of Greece."


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